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Classroom Studio

Classroom Studio is the perfect tool for making the most of your time in the classroom. Stay on track and be more organized so that you can focus on creating memories with your students through the lesson plans you make. Simplify your preparation and planning so that you can be fully present to engage the future.

Teacher Dashboard

See your whole school day, week, month, and year in detail at a glance.

To Do List

Review your reminders and non-academic tasks conveniently listed in your schedule for the day.

Lesson Plan Sharing

Pass your plan to a supply teacher with ease while you’re absent, rest assured that your students don't miss a thing while you're away.

Topic Planner

Plan everything for the day by adding activities, notes, and files all in one page. Use a variety of file types conveniently, such as video links and office files.

Subject Progress

Track your pace in class with a visual progress bar that measures how much you've accomplished in the unit you’re teaching.

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Plan your first lesson.

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